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In today’s working environment, every business uses technology to compete in their field and maximize efficiency. Businesses rely on networks and IT more than ever, and the funds needed to maintain an in-house team keep rising. For many businesses, this often means sacrificing the quantity or quality of network maintenance efforts to conserve limited resources. Managed services are a way to outsource maintenance, management, upgrades, and repairs to experts.​

Microscan Communication Pvt Ltd (MCPL) provides a full suite of collaboration, IT & Networking, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Cyber Security solutions and Professional services for our customers and help to transform their business. We leverage ITIL best-practices and processes to cater to the flexibility and scalability of IT Services.


Social Welfare & Growth Award

Managing Director & CEO, Mr. Sandeep Donde has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to Social Welfare & Growth award for Championing Social Impact & Sustainability in 2023.

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Employee Corner

Where Purpose Meets Opportunity
Olivia John.png

Customer Support- Assistant Manager, 10 Years

Microscan has been an integral part of my life & a large part of who I am today is completely dedicated to my time spent here.Microscan has been an educational institution more than a workplace for me. I'm glad and blessed to get nurtured by such great mentors and leadership team around me.

Olivia John

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